About Us

Tufts' endowment is a force for good, made possible by the generosity of many thousands of alumni, faculty, staff, students, parents, and friends, and by the appreciation of investments over time. One hundred percent of funds from the endowment are used to support the university's good works and its mission of being a student-centered research university dedicated to the creation and application of knowledge.

Prime examples of the endowment's impact are the scholarships it funds, which make a Tufts education accessible to many who otherwise might not realize the opportunity, and the professorships it enables, which contribute to the transformative educational experience that students enjoy and the bold research and scholarship that faculty undertake. Each year, approximately 5 percent of the endowment's value is distributed to the university to support its operations and mission. The remaining assets are held in investments to increase in value over time and support future generations, in perpetuity. 

Watch the short video below to learn more about how the endowment works and how it supports Tufts. Read about our Chief Investment Officer's thoughts on managing the endowment to advance Tufts' mission.

Endowment Value Over Time
($ Billions)

A line graph titled "Endowment Value over Time"

Endowment Directed Support to the University
(% of Total Endowment Value) 

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Endowment Annual Support to the University
($ Millions)

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