Team Opportunities

Interested in working with the Tufts Investment Office? Take a look at these opportunities to join our team!

Analyst Program

Each year, the Tufts Investment Office hires a graduating Tufts senior to join the team through a two-year analyst program. During their tenure, our analysts learn from their peers and from experienced investment professionals, and they mentor newer analysts as they join the team. The analysts play a significant role in investment decisions and often lead investment-related discussions, as they are deeply familiar with the data that supports the decisions made in the Investment Office. 

Analysts are supported by the office in their efforts to complete the Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) program during their tenure. Together with the CFA program, the role provides a broad overview of investing and the investment management industry, giving graduates of the analyst program the background and skills required to move into any aspect of asset management they choose, including security-selection in a specific asset class, transitioning to investment banking, or continuing their education. 

We welcome applicants from all majors that encourage a combination of technical, quantitative, and strategic thinking skills. We are seeking creative, analytical, and entrepreneurial thinkers from any field to join a close-knit team focused on continuous improvement in all that we do. 

Summer Analyst Internships

Each year, the Tufts Investment Office offers two paid summer internships. The first internship is for a rising senior at Tufts and offers a preview of the full-time analyst position. Interns in this role will work alongside the full-time analysts and gain experience across all asset classes in the portfolios. The second internship is for a graduate student at Tufts and focuses on the OT-ACT portfolio and its annual impact reporting. 

Interviews for the analyst and internship roles take place in the late summer/early fall. For more information on these roles, contact the Investment Office.